NB: All gigs subject to Covid-19 restrictions. Please check before leaving. 

JUNE 5th - The Royal Oak, Linton (The Mustangs)

JUNE 25th - Crawdaddy Club, Richmond (The Mustangs) 

JULY 3rd - The Musician, Leicester, Lunchtime (solo)

JULY 3rd - Victoria Bikers Pub, Leicester (The Milk Men) 

JULY 17th - Upton Blues Festival, Acoustic Stage (Solo)

JULY 25th - Phoenix Festival, Richmond (Solo)

AUGUST 12th - Brasenose Arms, Cropredy Festival Trail, Cropredy (The Milk Men) 

AUGUST 14th - Radford Mills Festival, Bath (The Milk Men) 

AUGUST 22nd - Old Bush Blues Festival (The Milk Men)

AUGUST 29th - Richmond Riverside Festival (The Milk Men) tbc

SEPTEMBER 4th - Margate Rhythm'n'Blues Festival (The Milk Men) tbc

SEPTEMBER 18th - The Musician, Leicester (The Milk Men) 

SEPTEMBER 25th - Private Party, Norfolk (The Mustangs) 

OCTOBER 1st - Swange Blues Festival (The Milk Men)

OCTOBER 2nd - Swanage Blues Festival (the Mustangs) 

OCTOBER 16th - Private Party, York Races (The Milk Men)

DECEMBER 18th - Musician, Leicester (The Milk Men w/ Dr. Feelgood) 


MARCH - Swanage Blues Festival (The Mustangs & The Milk Men) Date tbc(

JUNE - Cambridge Rock Festival  (The Milk Men) Date tbc

JULY - Upton Blues Festival (Solo)  Date tbc

OCTOBER - Swanage Blues Festival (The Mustangs & The Milk Men) Date tbc