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JULY 20th - Upton Blues Festival, Riverside Stage (The Milk Men) 

AUGUST 1st - Cambridge Rock Festival (The Mustangs)

AUGUST 2nd - Cambridge Rock Festival  (The Milk Men)

AUGUST 3rd - Cambridge Rock Festival (Selective Collective) 

AUGUST 25th - Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival, Colne, Lancashire (The Milk Men) 

SEPTEMBER 14th - Barleylands Blues Club, Billericay (The Milk Men) 

SEPTEMBER 27th - Crawdaddy Club Richmond, Mike Rivers Tribute (The Mustangs) 

OCTOBER 4th - Swanage Blues Festival (The Mustangs) 

OCTOBER 5th - Swanage Blues Festival (The Milk Men) 

OCTOBER 15th - The Music Den, Epping (The Milk Men) 

OCTOBER 25th - Joe Joe Jim's, Birmingham (The Milk Men)

OCTOBER 26th - Hallelujah Festival, Hartlepool (The Milk Men) 

OCTOBER 27th - The Flying Circus, Newark (The Milk Men)

NOVEMBER 16th - The Butler, Reading (The Milk Men) 

NOVEMBER 17th - The Pheasantry, Pizza Express, Chelsea (The Milk Men)

NOVEMBER 30th - Barleylands Blues Club, Essex, 4pm show  (The Mustangs)

DECEMBER 14TH - The Musician, Leicester (The Milk Men) 


JANUARY 9th - January Blues Festival, 229 Club, London W1 (The Milk Men) 

FEBRUARY 1st - British Rhythm'n'Rock Festival, Blackpool Winter Gardens (The Milk Men) 

FEBRUARY 8th  - Diseworth Blues Club (The Milk Men)

FEBRUARY 23rd -  MILKFEST '25, A Celebration of British Blues, The IndigO2, London (The Milk Men & Guests) 

MARCH 7th - Swanage Blues Festival (The Mustangs)

MARCH 8th - Swanage Blues Festival  (The Milk Men ) 

MARCH 13th - Barnoldswick Arts Centre, Pendle (The Milk Men) 

MARCH 14th - Darlington Blues Club (The Milk Men) 

MARCH 15th - Barleylands Blues Club (The Milk Men)

MARCH 16th - Half Moon, Putney (The Milk Men) 

MARCH 21st - Leamington (The Milk Men)

MARCH 22nd - The Musician 2, Leicester (The Milk Men) 

MAY 1st - The Eel Pie Club, Twickenham (The Milk Men) 

MAY 3rd - Bosworth Blues Festival (The Milk Men) 

MAY 24th - Live@Eastwell, Melton Mowbray (The Milk Men)

JUNE 12th - The Red Arrow, Ramsgate (The Milk Men)

JUNE 20th - Leeds Blues Club (The Milk Men)

JUNE 21st -  Private Party, York (The Milk Men) 

JUNE 24th - 100 Club (The Milk Men) 

JUNE 28th- Emsworth Blues Club Summer Festival (The Milk Men) 


JULY 5th - Borough Blues Summer Festival, Wales (The Milk Men ) 

AUGUST 15th - TBC West Country festival (The Milk Men) 

SEPTEMBER 21st - Kinross, Scotland (The Milk Men)

SEPTEMBER 27th - Louth Blues Club (The Milk Men)

DECEMBER 13th - The Musician 2, Leicester (The Milk Men) 





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