NB: All gigs subject to Covid-19 restrictions. Please check before leaving. 

OCTOBER 23rd - The Square Brewery, Petersfield (The Mustangs)

NOVEMBER 13th - Dr Feelgood Weekend, Oysterfeet Hotel, Canvey Island (The Milk Men)

DECEMBER 5th - Boogaloo Blues Weekend, Heathlands, Bournemouth (The Milk Men)

DECEMBER 18th - Musician, Leicester (The Milk Men w/ Dr. Feelgood) 


JANUARY 15th - Glass Box, Gillingham (The Milk Men w/ Dr. Feelgood)

JANUARY 21st - 100 Club, London (The Milk Men w/ Dr. Feelgood)

JANUARY 22nd - 100 Club, London (The Milk Men w/ Dr. Feelgood)

FEBRUARY 19th - Barleylands Blues Club, Essex (The Milk Men)

MARCH 4th- Swanage Blues Festival (The Milk Men)

MARCH 5th - Swanage Blues Festival *The Mustangs)


APRIL 2nd - Barleylands Blues Club, Essex (The Mustangs)

APRIL 8th - Charlton Kings Social Club, Cheltenham, Private Party (The Milk Men)

APRIL 9th - Vonnie's Blues Club, Cheltenham (The Milk Men)

APRIL 16th - Barry's Blues Barn, Witham, Essex (Solo)

MAY 7th - The Musician, Leicester, Afternoon show (Solo)

MAY 21st - Barleylands Blues Club, Essex (Solo)

JUNE 11th -  Private Party , Norfolk (The Mustangs)

JUNE 18th- Cambridge Rock Festival  (The Milk Men) 

JUNE 19th - Cambridge Rock Festival (The Selective Collective)

JULY 2nd - Seckford Hall, Suffolk, Private Party (The Mustangs) 

JULY 16th- Upton Blues Festival (Solo)  

JULY 23rd - The Musician, Leicester (The Milk Men)

SEPTEMBER 15th  - Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington (The Milk Men)

OCTOBER 7th -  Swanage Blues Festival (The Milk Men)

OCTOBER 8th - Swanage Blues Festival (The Mustangs)

OCTOBER 22nd - HRH Blues Festival, Liverpool Arts Centre , Liverpool (The Milk Men)