MAY 5th - The Half Moon, Putney (The Milk Men w/Dr.Feelgood)

MAY 21st - Barleylands Blues Club, Essex (Adam Norsworthy Band)

JUNE 4th - Queen Elizabeth II Field, Billericay, Essex (The Milk Men) 5pm

JUNE 18th- Cambridge Rock Festival  (The Milk Men) 

JUNE 19th - Cambridge Rock Festival (The Selective Collective)

JUNE 28th - Tuesday Night Music Club, Coulsdon (The Milk Men)

JULY 2nd - Seckford Hall, Suffolk, Private Party (The Mustangs) 

JULY 16th- Upton Blues Festival (Solo)  

JULY 17th - Ukraine Fundraising Festival, Richmond (The Mustangs)

JULY 23rd - The Musician, Leicester (The Milk Men)

JULY 24th - The Cricketers, Southend-on-Sea (The Milk Men)

AUGUST 21st - Old Bush Blues Festival, Headline (The Milk Men)

SEPTEMBER 10th - SX Club, Brentwood (The Milk Men) 

SEPTEMBER 15th  - Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington (The Milk Men)

SEPTEMBER 17th - Cider Festival, Brasenose Arms, Cropredy (The Milk Men) 6pm

SEPTEMBER 23rd - Crawdaddy Club, Richmond (The Mustangs)

OCTOBER 7th -  Swanage Blues Festival (The Milk Men)

OCTOBER 8th - Swanage Blues Festival (The Mustangs)

OCTOBER 22nd - HRH Blues Festival, Liverpool Arts Centre , Liverpool (The Milk Men)

NOVEMBER 11th - Barnoldswick Music & Arts Centre, Yorkshire (The Milk Men)

NOVEMBER 12th - Hallelujah Festival, Hartlepool (The Milk Men)

NOVEMBER 13th - The Flying Circus, Newark (The Milk Men)

DECEMBER 8th - The Half Moon, Putney (The Milk Men w/Dr.Feelgood)

DECEMBER 17th - The Musician, Leicester (The Milk Men w/Dr. Feelgood)


JANUARY 13-16th - Great British Blues & Rock Festival, Skegness (The Milk Men)


FEBRUARY 18TH - Barleylands Blues Club, Essex  (The Milk Men) 

MARCH 3rd - Swanage Blues Festival (The Milk Men) TBC

MARCH 4th - Swanage Blues Festival (The Mustangs) TBC

MAY 6th - Barleylands Blues Club, Essex (The Mustangs)

MAY 20th - Barleylands Blues Club, Essex (Adam Norsworthy Band)

JUNE 10th The Musician, Leicester (The Milk Men)